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Dragon Warrior Reborn Trilogy can not be distributed from any other website, FTP, or P2P. If you have found either game from another source then please email me at nakhash.dragonwarriorreborn@gmail.com

Attention: The Grey square that you see below the character in this picture below is called a Return Square. These Grey Squares are in DWR I-III Trilogy. If you ever see one then please walk over it, so that when you cast return you will be able to return to this square. Also the Wing of Wyvern Item will return you to the last square touched.


News & Updates


   Just so you know, DWR was created using Data editors that I created in Borland C++, which relies on library files that were intalled on my Windows Vista OS on a laptop. Yet the Map editor and the Game Player, I coded in Console C. The advantage to using Console C is that after all of these years even Win 11 can run it. In theory iOS and Android could too. When you download the game, you're only downloading the Game Player and the files that the Map editor and Data editors created. The goal was to never have to write code again, but to just use the editors. Which is what I did for months as I created the trilogy. The issue now is that the Data editors I created in Borland C++ cant be used in Win 11 my current computer's OS. To make matters worse, my Vista Laptop is missing, but I did back up all of my files. So, Im slowly recoding my Data editors in Console C, which looks ugly, but I can now edit my Items in the game again. (Only Item Editor and Character Editor is done)


   Started playing Dragon Warrior Reborn I. Realized that Raan's Dagger that adds status aliments from spells to equipment does work, but that the Rogue doesn't have any spells that have aliments. So I gave him stun, poison and another spell. If you've already got a save in DWR 1 and the rogue, just level him up one level should give you thes extra spells. Yes, download a new copy of the game. :)


   I rebooted website so the game can be downloaded. This site is a work in progress but the game download should be working. Yes, I purposely kept the old look and updates, and wrote this back in HTML, instead of using one of those fancy modern editors.



Added Full Joystick support. Don't try to reconfigure the Joystick via the DWRConfig.exe yet, it isn't working properly. For the joysticks I have, I just plug it in, make sure windows knows of it, then play the game. (Works great that way)


    Fixed the Attack-All Command, so the whips don't skip any monster. :) (Also added more chests to DWR 2.)


   The Outside magic now works again, and I put the scroll back in Kol Tunnel (DWR 1). I made the monster stats less random, so overall they should be a bit easier. Monster Spells now do less damage to the party. Made the Return Spell & Radiant Spell to be found sooner in DWR 2. Added more save priests and Return Squares to DWR 2. As I replay DWR 2, I am adding more treasure chests and the like.


 The shops now give the item equipment stats increase and you now can't sell key-items for 0 gold. Fixed other bugs. Monsters give more experience and gold. I have been replaying the games to tweak the difficulty level to be more even across the board. In general the monsters now give more Exp, Gold, and the start of the game is more gentile. The intro Stats are much better, and if you haven't played DWR in a while, I'd almost suggest you restart a new game to get the higher HP,MP and Strength. Also the Exp needed for next level is in the Status menu, but bare in mind the Exp gain works on a bell curve after battle (Lowest level gets more exp of the total exp pool and then some).


 Fixed the Return Spell bug, and fixed some of the text for DWR 1 so that the hints are easier to understand. Did a bunch of other bug fixes that I caught. Eventually Im going to have to edit the text for all of the Trilogy. (Big Job) :D


   I've fixed the remaining bugs that I'm aware of. I greatly appreciate all of the bug reports people have been sending me. :)  I added the search command to the backspace button. This version has the Temporary Battle Spells now Temporary. Like Clumsy now heals at the end of a battle. DWR 1's Breconary weapon shop at night is still a weapon shop instead of the armor shop.  I also made a special thanx section at the bottom of this page for those who have caught bugs. If you don't want your first name / nick posted then tell me so. :)

   Also fixed the World Map on the DWR 2 Map page.

   The current version of DWR Trilogy is the former Easy-Type. I discontinued the Hard-Type, because most didn't like it.


    Fixed two bugs. The INNs now properly works, and the Ship Starting point was fixed for DWR 3. Please continue to email me bugs, if you find them. :)


    Disabled the monster battles in the tower of kol in DWR 1. My thanx goes to JW for finding that one.


    Fixed the Easy Type version, I uploaded the wrong file and when it was open it encountered errors.


    I made two version today. The old version I renamed Hard Type, and I made an easier version that I'm not giving a Type name to. The Normal version monsters are weaker, have less HP, and give more XP on average. I made this update because of several emails detailing that my DWR is to hard, yet I've also had a few emails saying they like the difficulty, so I thought two versions would suffice. :)


    Fixed the Fairy Water, and the Sight, and Break Herb.


    Well I finally beat DWR III. I've updated the beta to a full V1.0 because of all of the changes and updates that I made. I changed Issac in DWR 2 back to a Ranger, and I added the Merchant class back for Taloon but I made the class must better then the original DWR 2. All in all the game is much better then the previous beta versions. So far the major glitches should be weeded out, and the game is be fully playable.


    Changed and added some music to DWR II, and mainly DWR III. I've also updated the beta to V0.7, because I'm very close to beating DWR 3.


    Updated the DWR 1 Faq page, and someday if I get time I need to replace the DWR 1 Item page with a current list. Also I made a few updates to DWR 1 to add Erdrick's Shield, and Ring of Fortune, and Raan's Dagger, and a few other things.


    Fixed a few blocks that should not have been solid. Enabled the Magus class to learn monster spells easier, and more fairly. Changed the summons to be stronger, with more hit points. Currently I'm 90% done with DWR 3.


    Fixed the Bird's Flight in DWR 3, and updated some of the monsters stats.


    Happy New Year! Fixed the Magus class so that you can use equipment that links spells. Added an optional boss that is much harder then the last boss to DWR 3. Changed the Magus Equipment to match his class. Also added more return Squares to DWR 3, and deleted the old ones.


    Fixed the Summons so that they can be attacked by spells, enabled the village of Thebes to be entered. Made the XP gain on a bell curve, so that you won't have a level 45 hero and a level 25 summoner, because the summoner changed classes twice. So in that situation the Summoner would gain more XP then the monster should give, while the hero would gain less XP, until they are some what near the same level. Currently I'm about 70% done with DWR 3, I'm getting the summons, and testing them.


    Boy I'm on a role for bug fixes. Now every town should have a greeter to let you know what town you are in. I also fixed DWRConfig.exe, and I changed a few people's graphics, and changed a small bit of side story.


    Another major bug fix, that enabled the Ronin class, and the Magus class to use there spells/skills. If you already have either of these classes, then you will have to gain one level for the battle commands to take effect.  By the way I've updated the version to V0.6 Beta.


    Fixed several bugs, including a major one that would not allow class changes to advanced classes. Currently I'm about half the way thru DWR 3 Trilogy. I couldn't have fixed my bugs without everyone's help who has been writing me emails about them. Thank you.


    Fixed the monster battles, I updated something that made them crash. Other then that I created a new item called the Sextant Ring, and when it's equipped you can see your X, Y Location while traveling the world.


    Fixed the spell damage from monsters, also fixed Issac joining your party in DWR 2. Please download a new copy. :)


    Updated the Equipment list to display the classes abbreviated so that they would not run off screen. Changed the amount of monsters per battle to a bit less then what I had. So far average is about 2 to 4 monsters per battle.


    DWR Trilogy Beta is released. The reason it is a beta because I haven't completely beaten DWR 3 yet. I should hope to beat it soon. All saves with DWR Trilogy will work in any future release. All future releases will only be to fix bugs and glitches so please email me if you find something. Also I have renabled the Claws to attack twice instead of using an item to make the weapon attack twice.


    DWR Trilogy is now complete, but I will currently testing it for glitches. No promises, but it should be released rather soon, but bare in mind I'll have to play all three games of DWR Trilogy for testing purposes.


    DWR III is almost complete. I've put all three DWR games into one game called Dragon Warrior Reborn Trilogy. The games will still be played independently, and there will be a menu so you can choose which game to play. There will be extra items for DWR I & II, and the story will be slightly different in spots to create more of a flow. Also there will be Elements for the spells/monsters in all three games. The Ranger in DWR II was also changed to a Ronin, which has different attacks, but still will have the same weapons. The Claws in DWR II will not attack twice, but there will be an item that enables all weapons that are equipped to attack twice. The save files from DWR I and DWR II will not work for there counterpart in DWR Trilogy, but the Endgame files will. So if you have beaten DWR I you play DWR II Trilogy, with the Book of Satori. Also if you beat DWR II, you can use the same Endgame file to play DWR III. I wasn't able to continue, the use of the current save game system, because it was incompatible with the current DWR Trilogy games.



    Well the website is back up, I apologize for the inconvenience of my site being down, but for those who miss the picture of the girl that was replacing my website I've decided to post it here.




    I added air support to the editor so that DWR 3 will be able to use a flying bird to move over mountains. It will move about 4 times the speed of walking with no battles.


    Did a Return Spell Glitch fix for DWR 2. Also posted a picture above explaining what the Grey Blocks are for.


    Added a section for DWR 3, but I must warn you it won't be complete for a while. I also put up a couple of maps for the the first few caves in DWR 2. I really wasn't sure if I should do that considering how the game might not be as fun if you know where to go. So use it at your own risk.


    Dragon Warrior Reborn II was released today. And my oh my it took a long time to test. :)


    I added a FAQ on the DWR 1 page to help if you are lost. But be warned it contains spoilers.


    I fixed a few bugs in DWR 1 and I finished DWR 2. I will put DWR 2 up for download after I have beaten it, to check it for errors.


    Made another update to the Spell Editor for my game, and the Monster Editor. The Battles for DWR 2 are even more fair then DWR 1 was. I'm currently in the final stages of DWR 2. I need to add a few smaller things then play the game to test it for bugs. I should be able to start testing my game in about a week or two.


    DWR 2 is being developed rather quickly considering the size of the game.  There has been many advancements that I've programmed in the map editor that has allowed for easier and faster creation. The DWR 2 page has had it's percentages updated to reflect the current stage of DWR 2.


    Added a Radiant spell for DWR 2. Originally I was against the spell, but after creating several caves for DWR 2, I realized that the game would be to hard with out it.


    I created an addition to my monster editor which analyzes what level the character should be at in the battle, and it also factors in the recommended equipment. It then adds in a couple random variables, and it takes in consideration a few other things. Basically the end result are better monster stats for a more fair battle.  Also most of the beta testing that I had to do with DWR 1 had to do with the monster stats in battle, so hopefully this time around it will move along more smoothly. :)


    I have had a couple of recommendations to change my background picture because it was hard to read what I have written, so I did and changed several things on the website. Also for a side note I've changed the wizard character in DWR 2 to be a cleric. The character classes in DWR 2 are Hero, Ranger, Merchant, Cleric and Lich. I enabled only the Cleric can change her class to a Sage, the others can not change there class. The Lich character will have all of the positive and negative abilities that an undead character will have.


    I recreated a version of DWR 1 with the old NES music and sounds instead of the classical ones, turns out my game size is now a 1.8megs (MIDI ver) vs 67.5megs (OGG ver). Its up to you which version you download and play. In the future I might go only MIDI versions for DWR 2 and 3. I also want to give a thanx to Matthew Leverton from allegro.cc for coming up the idea to change the music.


    A very cool update this time, fixed some minor bugs, plus added a auto detection to the speed of the players computer, so that it will adjust the character's movement. You will know what I mean, when you see it. Also now you don't have to worry about replacing a saved game when you download a newer version. Because DWR now doesn't ship with a save file, it knows if you have a saved game or not. :) I'm at a point now, where I'm not sure what to update. Remember all future games are compatible with your save file, so you'll never have to start over with your game.


    Made another minor update, to DWR 1 V1.0, it is above. Made the menu's a solid black, so it does not have a box in box feel. That was actually an error, that was not visible on my computers until I loaded it up on my new ThinkPad. Fixed the Return spell, and wing of wyverns(They still can only be used while traveling outside on the world.)


    Well true to my word, DWR 1 V1.0 has been released. Once again thank you for the several emails I have gotten, and thank you for your feedback to. Currently there is a hidden dungeon that you can explore, but to get in you must have the Ball of Light. The place is called the Shadow Shrine, and if you beat it you will be given a code. Who ever can retrieve the code to me first via email nakhash@dragonwarriorreborn.com will be able to name a character in DWR 2, but it must be in good taste. So know cuss words, or offensive names. But be warned the Shadow Shrine is very hard to beat, even if you have the Gospel Ring. On another note, I might make a short walk thru, or at least a list of the character locations that can join your team. In DWR 1 there is currently 4 characters that you can choose from to join your team, but since you can only hold 4 characters including your main guy(Woodus), you need to choose wisely. Like always continue the feedback and/or suggestions to my email.


    I will be releasing a better version of DWR1 either tomorrow or the next day. Many small updates are put into this one and it will be my final update to it, unless there is a major bug that someone finds. So far it is done, but I'm replaying it to make sure it all works.  I appreciate everyone's emails and feedback as to make it better. In this version you can set the size of the screen, disable or enable sound, change the speed of the main character's movement, configure the joystick and keyboard. In this one there is also another dungeon to explore, but be well aware it is extremely hard and it is optional. The bad news is that your save file will not work with this version if you have been playing the old one v0.7, but to make it up to you, if you email me and tell me exactly where you are and at what level, then I will give you a save file containing the right data. Also a pretty cool feature that I put in this version is that if you beat DWR1 then you will be able to get a hidden character to join you in DWR2. So it's a pretty big incentive, but don't worry the hidden character is not some walking god. I hate when games do that, but I will say the character is very unique. Also at this time DWR2 is about 30% done. I took down v0.7 so that people will have to wait for v1.0. Yes that's right this version will be that much better!


    If you happened to download the game and it didn't work, I fixed it. Also I added a animation sequence to the water in Alefgard. Also I've started creating DWR II, so far I have all of the monsters graphics inputed and I have most of the characters finished.


    I had to reprogram the game engine to speed it up, so that it worked on my slower computer. It ran the same speed as my fast one, so for most it should run at a good speed now. I fixed a lot of bugs, and in this version I'm confident with the release. Also I was able to beat the game, and I changed a lot of the difficulty to make it match what level you should be at for that location. I also updated the item list, as well as providing a list of what level you should be a for each event.



    Made a good update, added 3 skills more to the Thief. Gave more of a fair status boost after level 15 to substantiate the harder battles. Created a simple graphic for the repel(Fairy Water) spell so you know when it's used up. Currently I'm at Cantlin and I noticed it was easy to get to, so increased the amount of battles in the overworld and the dungeons(Which are about 2.2 times the overworld). Changed the battles on the south island south of Rimuldar. Also now the battles don't carry over attributes from prior battles.(Yeah that was a dumb bug.) Enabled the %heal and the %damage spells, also enabled the ignore magdef of the spell target.(Which helped the Thief with his backstab attack.) So as you can see a good update, I'm hoping to have the game beaten in a week, maybe two. All I need to do is find Erdrick's Items then kill the Dragon Lord. Oh last but not least I made the character walk faster, if he is still to slow let me know and I can change it.


    A good size update this time to the Beta, file found in the same spot (see above). Added 9 more spells, and made more of a distinction between classes. Fixed the bounce, return, and outside spells. Also fixed the immunities, and the experience tables. From the beginning of the game to where I am now (Garin's Grave) I've been making the battles fit what level you should be at. As a note about the Return spell, if you haven't already noticed the grey squares on the floor activate them. The first one is south of Tantegel castle and east of the swamp cave. I still need to fix the undead characteristics for monsters. I should have it done this weekend. The game is still very playable as it stands. I haven't had the time to test the joystick on any other computer but my own, but no one has said anything so I'm sure it's ok.


    I have found a couple of glitches and have repaired them currently in the game I just killed the Balrog and rescued the princess. In about a week I'll post the recommended levels for each locations or event. If you want the latest version with these glitches fixed then just download the file again. It's still V0.3. Or you can wait until I've successfully beaten the game, to ensure there are no more glitches or atleast ones that I have found.


    More bugs have been worked out so I have decided to release the beta version of the game. Please provide me feedback about the beta version, if you want something changed. (Like if the monsters are to weak or to strong, or you found a glitch.)


    I have good news Dragon Warrior Reborn I has been complete but before I release it I am going to play it through, and check for bugs. So far I've made it to Erdrick's Cave north west of Tantegel castle. If I completely run out of time because of work and raising my family then I might release it as a beta version considering because it will not have been played all the way through.


    Well today I did a minor update, I finished the character/monster Immunities, so that not everyone can be inflicted with poison for instance. All I created the undead attribute, still not sure if I will use it for Dragon Warrior Reborn I though, because I don't want to lose to much of the dragon warrior following by changing the game to much. Also I added two pictures from the game below.


    At this point in time the Editor is 98% done and the player is 95% done. Currently it supports OGG for music and sound, and it has a simple joystick configuration program. With the Editor & Player I can currently recreate Dragon Warrior I, but since I have now bought all three games of the Xenosaga Trilogy time for my project has been slow. There is good news though I currently am on Xenosaga III and am on the second disc, so I should pick back up the project in about a week or less. Every town and dungeon is created for Dragon Warrior Reborn as the time this was typed, except for the monster placement. Also all of the regular weapons and armor are done, there will be some extra equipment that I will start creating soon. I will need some testers when things are drawing to a close. If you are interested please feel free to email me at nakhash@dragonwarriorreborn.com


    Before I write about the Battle System and such, let me first just say that I am purposely programming more features then I will be using for Dragon Warrior Reborn I-III. Below is part of the information that the Editor can create, so don't expect to see all of these features. When I go to create Dragon Warrior Reborn I, I might feel that some of these features are over the top of what the game should be like. As I recreate more of the series you will see more of the Editors features come into play. Later after Dragon Warrior Reborn III I might create a separate Dragon Warrior Reborn type game with more of the features working.

    So far the Battle System can hold 1-7 Monsters at a time, with monsters having 5 different preset versions of A.I. so that you will get a feeling if a monster is smart or dumb. The Battle System can hold up to 4 characters( I might make it 5 later.) that the player can use as well as two summoned monsters that are controlled by the A.I.(I might make it so they can be controlled by the player.) Battle turns are determined by there Battle Haste speed. Each character played by the player can hold up to 50 battle commands, with different ranges of abilities. Outside of battle under the Tactics Menu you can organize the battle commands. Some Battle commands can be used outside of battle. Each playing character can equip up to 7 different kinds of equipment. Outside Battle Spells can only target the caster or another party member. Inside Battle they can target 1. Caster, 2. Party Member, 3. All Party Members, 4. Monster, 5.All Monsters, 6. Everyone, 7. Random from a selection of everyone. There is more but I don't want to spoil everything, because I personally like surprises.


Special Thanx to these people for emailing me bugs/glitches that they have found.








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